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In this section you can find answers to all the frequently asked questions.

About Us

We are a pharmacy that are offering personalised medicines and delivery straight to your door. We are contracted and regulated by the NHS like any other pharmacy.

As our pharmacy is located on a “distance selling premises” we have to comply with NHS regulations. This means we provide:

  1. Uninterrupted provision of NHS services during our opening hours to persons requesting NHS services anywhere in England.
  2. The safe and effective provision of NHS services without face to face contact between any person (or their representative) and the pharmacist on our premises or any member of staff either on or in the vicinity of the premises. Please look at our patient information leaflet or request a call back for any further informations




Electronic Prescription Service

Your prescription will no longer need to be collected they will be sent to your pharmacy for free electronically. This means if you are on regular medication especially for long term conditions you can save time as you will not need to pick up your prescription between check ups. The NHS has a full explanation here


For your prescription medication we would expect your medication to reach your doorstep within a week of you requesting it through us or your surgery.